What We Do

At Basement Systems, we have two main goals. First, we provide our customers with high quality, long lasting home improvement solutions. Second, we work with contractors through training and marketing to help them improve their companies and grow their business. When combined, these objectives allow us to provide unique services to contractors and customers alike.


Our talented marketing department uses a number of techniques and strategies to bring us to the forefront of our industry and generate interest and leads.

Appointment Center

Our appointment center is the first point of contact with customers, providing information about the company and turning interest into appointments.


No business would be successful without a great sales team. Our professional salespeople work with customers to find the best home improvement solution for them and convert a lead into a new customer.


Our office staff works behind the scenes everyday to keep all our departments organized and running smoothly.


You can't have a successful business without a good accounting department, and our team ensures that our books are in order and we are operating in the black.


We have a talented and hard working production team that turns plans and products into real-life home improvement solutions and provides our customers with everything they need.


Our service department is there for you after the completion of the job, ensuring that everything works perfectly and you are completely satisfied.